Wood Terrazzo Trivet

Wood Terrazzo Trivet

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This terrazzo-patterned large trivet by Tramake features a light birchwood background with dark gray, pale rose, blue-green, and goldenrod, printed permanently onto absorbent wood and treated with cutting board oil.

Super versatile and thoughtfully designed, these printed wood trivets are both absorbent and heat tolerant. Each trivet can hold a hot dish from the oven or serve as a large coaster for catching condensation. 

+hot dishes from the oven
+pitcher of drinks
+under wine bottle
+under potted plants

Each trivet is 11" diameter - 1/4" thick 
*This listing is for one heat resistant wood trivet. Matching coasters are available here.

+CARE: pat dry after use, wipe clean, never submerge - for use holding dishes from up to a 400*F oven. Arrives lightly coated with mineral oil (also known as salad bowl oil), which is a food safe oil that conditions wood. If desired, periodically re-apply oil to keep the finish fresh.